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I finally managed to get the kitchen table and I have the sink for the kitchen, as well. All I need for the kitchen now are some chairs and the small accessories and then I've got everything. The Grandfather clock is for the hallway and the half-moon table is for the living room (if it can fit). For the living room I've also ordered another bookcase, one which fits into the style, and a writing desk. Then, apart from the small items and the fireplace, I will have all the living room items I need. I've also been able to get hold of brick compound and some stensils, but I will need some more DIY items before I can use them. I've been watching All Creatures Great and Small recently and I can't help but notice stuff I've missed or forgotten!
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This year I have time to do work on some crafts for Halloween. Last year I only did a pumpkin paper mache thing, which I still have in storage, but as I've finished uni, I have much more time to work on crafty projects. I've already started some and will be posting pictures later.

30 days to go!


Sep. 27th, 2011 02:53 pm
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The candles, cushions, apples, mushrooms, books with baby dragon and the barrel are for the tower.
The heron and the bearded dragon (the picture doesn't do the bearded dragon justice) are for the animal sanctuary project I want to do in the new year. I bought a Canada Goose a while back so he'll be going in the animal sanctuary as well.

The rest of the stuff. I took another photograph because not everything comes out well on this one.

The bat (which I think you can just see), the chest of drawers, bowl, raven (yay - been looking for one for ages - I want an owl but I've not found one yet...), bones, castle, toadstools and potion jars are for the tower.

The ferret, birdhouse, boneios and plates are for the animal sanctuary.

The records are for Skeldale House.
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Just got back from the NEC Miniatura Fair today, and what a great day it was. I had planned on getting furniture, but when I go to these fairs, I end up getting distracted by non-furniture miniatures what did I get?

I bought a chest of drawers for the tower, along with some other witchy/magical stuff including a baby dragon laid on a pile of books, some candles and some mushrooms. I found a maker of animals, which was great and managed to get a raven, which I had been looking for for sometime, a ferret, a bat and a herron (I think the herron is my favourite and perhaps one of my more unusual items). I got some loose mushrooms and the apples which were on my list for the tower. The inside is practically done now, apart from the tudor rope bed that I wanted and one or two other items (I even managed to find some cushions, which I hope will fit the chairs I bought. The other two can go on the bed when I get it.).

I also got some items to start off the project I want to start in the New Year, when I've finally got around to building the tower. I've almost got everything for the tower now, apart from the garden stuff, so even though it has taken me longer to get round to building it than I thought, once I have, it shouldn't take long to complete as I've got almost everything for it.

I'm wanting to build an animal sanctuary using the Garden Pavilion from DHE, a wee cottage and a stable from Dollshouse Concept. The Garden Pavillion will be the shop and small animal/exotics centre, the stable will house a horse and the house shall be where the caretaker of the animals live. It will be a converted farm.

It's so easy to want to start new projects when others have not been finished and if you don't watch out, you'll end up spending loads of money on unfinished projects!

I didn't get much for Skeldale House, as like I said, it was too easy to get distracted by the non-furniature stuff. I've bought most of my furniature online anyway. It just seems to be easier to keep to your list that way.

Photos coming soon!


Sep. 9th, 2011 09:55 am
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Here's pictures of the new bookcases and the dining table that came earilier in the week. I'm really pleased with them. I just wish that I had the room to put the house together, but sadly, I don't at the moment. Our flat is too small, and the house is otherwise going to be occupied. I'll post pictures of the DHE stuff when I get the chance to photograph them.


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Yay - my dining table and chairs arrived today from the company that we got Skeldale House from. They are lovely. (and for all intents and purposes, exactly the same as the DHE one, only 35 pound cheaper...)

The two book cases that go in the living room with the fireplace in the middle also came in the same shipment. So apart from the fireplace (which I'm finding difficult to source because they're always too fancy) and perhaps a half moon table, small bookcase and coffee table, all the furniutre for the living room of Skeldale House has been bought.

The kitchen table and the spiders I'm still waiting to arrive, but at least they're on their way, which I don't mind. Whether or not I get the half moon table and the small bookcase depends on whether or not I have room for them, and the small bookcase also depends on if I can find one which looks like what I need, since a lot of small bookcases tend to be modern ones and I may have to make it from a kit.
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It arrived today and I have mixed feelings about it because there's not really much new stuff, but of the things which are new, it is good (for instance, more battery lights, etc).

I'm really glad to see that we're getting more battery lights over here because I'm not very confident about doing the wiring, which is great. I only wish that there were more styles to choose from, as I'd really love some Tudor style ones and there needs to be more table/floor lights. On the other hand, it's probably a good thing that there's not much new stuff since I have my eye on quite a few miniatures. One thing which I like about this hobby is that I keep getting ideas for new projects but the down side of it is that it's expensive.


Aug. 19th, 2011 03:33 pm
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I got some grass for the garden of the tower yesterday. I was going to paint it and then go over it with basing flock (the type used in Warhammer miniatures) but as the garden base had to be glued together, there was a slight gap which I covered in masking tape, but when I painted it, it looked werid. Also, as masking tape is notrious for getting peeled off, I didn't want that to happen when once I'd flocked it. (and the masking tape may have been visible underneath it, anyway). It'll look quite good when I get round to it, I think.

Oh yeah, and there's more battery lights for dollshouses - yay. I don't have the confidence to mess around with wiring, so I'd prefer to use these if I can.

This is the site here

What with the ones from Toronto, it looks like there's a better selection coming avilaible (though I prefer to get ones from the UK if I can - there just needs to be more variety).
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Though I'm not much of a fan of the full size blue and white china, I have found some in miniature which would look good in Skaledale House because it would fit the period. I want some to go the corner cupboard which was mentioned in the DHE Treasures post a week or two back and after looking aorund I've found some which is a replica of the full sized stuff, and it's pretty. (The irony is that Paul's mum used to collect the real stuff, both antique and modern and used to have a business selling it - the trouble is, that there's just so much of it that when we move into the house we'll have to sell a lot of it and it can be a bit of a nightmare.) I don't mind it much in miniature, though, because it won't take over... (miniatures might, but they might loose out to my zoology textbooks and sci-fi novels, lol). These miniatures are quite expensive, and I've noticed that they are almost the same price as the modern blue and white in full size, so I shall probably not buy a lot of it, and go for budget stuff, but it would be nice to have a few pieces of it, just for in keeping with the time period.

This is the site that is doing it:
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The good news is that my order arrived today, so I now have the mangle, the wash tub, sink (for the vet's surgery) and two dining chairs for the Skeldale House project. The bad news??

They were out of stock of the dining table (that's the piece I really wanted, because the DHE one is way, way over priced and there doesn't seem to be much difference between that and the Street's Ahead one - the DHE is about 46 GBP and the Streets Ahead 10.45 GBP so which one would you realistically choose?) They were also out of stock of the shelves, tea set and kitchen table as well. Urrgggh! I wouldn't have minded waiting till they were in stock, if they were getting them back in. I really don't want to pay DHE prices for things I can find cheaper elsewhere.

Fortunately, I've found the kitchen table and dining table elsewhere and the same site also has bookcases which will fit in the living room, so maybe it doesn't matter in the long run. And I can always use something else for sheliving - Jane Harrop does kits from the time period (1930s & 1940s) so it would probably look better anyway with those. I'm looking forward to the York Racecourse Fair in November and the NEC one in September because I'll probably be able to pick them up from there, instead.
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Today was my first visit to Doll's House Emporium in Ripley, Derbyshire. I have ordered from them before (the Tower, for instance, is one of their houses) and to be honest, I have mixed feelings about the company. I like the houses that they do, in particular, the smaller ones like the Tower, the Garden Pavilian, Market Cross and the Retreat, mostly because I can see what they can be made into. Of the larger houses, my favourites have to be the Stratford Bakery (the Tudor one which they do - I love tudor buildings, when they are done right) Fairbanks and Mountfield (I like the latter two because they have a 3D layout to them and look like proper houses, rather than just a box.), and after seeing it in the flesh, I also like Cumberland Castle.

However, my problem with DHE stems from the over pricing of their furnature, and that sometimes you can get the same thing which is either just as good or better from another retailer at half the price, or less, in some cases. Because of this, I've decided that I'm only going to get stuff from them if it's a house or if it's a piece of furnature or accessory which I can't get elsewhere. Having said that, some people think the pricing is OK (two customers in their while we were there spent over a 100 quid.) I often wonder just how people on their forum who seem to be obessed with buying dollshouses can afford the habit, because they spend much more than I do. My other problem with DHE is that they never seem to do anything unsual, which I can get at fairs and other retailers, and I also think that they could present their houses better in their catalogue and on the website if they made them look less plasticy  and used other materials like brick compound to make them look more realistic rather than just using wallpaper all the time. I might be inclined to like the other dollshouses then like those Georgain houses and Halls which I seem to hate because they all look the same. I also found that a lot of the stuff they had in their August sale broken - part of the reason why I went today was to get things on offer but I thought that this meant the good stuff was in the sale, not stuff which should mostly have been thrown out recyled (and considering that the factory was on the site as well, some of it could have been repaired before it was put on sale and no one would have noticed!) A mental note not to buy that rocking horse, because it'll most likely break. Some of the breakages could have been avoided if they'd been placed in cardboard boxes instead of those flimsy plastic ones, as well. The new catalogue comes out next month, so you'd have thought that there would have been more clearance going on.

Other than the costing, I'm quite pleased with what I got today - I bought the fairy tale figures for the Tower (includes a witch, wizard and a princess - I thought these would soften the more scary aspects of the tower...), the cushions which were for the chairs but are a bit too big, so I'm thinking of using them on the bed instead. I don't know why people get upset when something they've bought isn't quite right for purpose - you can always try to find some other use for them. I read somewhere where someone had thrown out an entire bathroom set just because the toilet was out of scale - come on, think of another use for it! I also got the leaded acetate for the windows in the Tower.

I also bought a sofa, an armchair and a corner cupboard for my other project, along with a beautiful kitchen range, a circular side table and a really detailed dresser and one of their new battery lights. I am pleased with these, but it was expensive - coming to 100 quid in all but they are all excellant pieces. What my problem is with the pricing at DHE is that some of the smaller things are really expensive - for instance, 9 quid for a washing barrel, (without the dolly for it) 20 quid for a mangle which didn't look all that great, etc. My problem with them is that if bought from another shop, these things usually cost about 6 quid (for the mangle) 3 quid for the washing dolly and barrel, etc. The pricing needs to be a bit more consistant.

I posted this here rather than the forum because I probably would have been branded a troll or something, even if what I've posted is honest and a fair opinion.
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This shows the Crow/raven on perch and broomstick, which were obtained from the York Racecourse Fair back in June.
The Stool, skull and hat were brought from York Minature's Scene (from the post yesterday).
The Cauldron was one of my first perchases, from Doll's House Gallery in Chesterfield.

The mushrooms, apples and baskets were from various sellers at the York Racecourse Fair.
The Frog is from Doll's House Gallery in Chesterfield
The scroll, pumpikns, gargoyle and quill from York Minature's Scene. I'm not sure if I'll paint the pumpkins or not, as I quite like them as they are.
The Book of Shadows is from Dateman Books (they speacilise in minature books and I love them - I got Origin of the Species from them as well).

This one has stuff from all over the place!
The Dresser and skulls on top of the dresser are from Felicity Price Minatures.
The Crystal Skull, crystal ball (which is hiding behind the skeleton!), and some of the "herb" jars were from Shepard's Minatures at the York Racecourse Fair. The black books on the bottom shelf, the skeleton, the pumpkin on the middle shelf and the rest of the "herb" jars were also from the fair but I'm not sure of the retailer. There were so many sellers that day that unless something stood out, they all seemed to blur together but it was still an excellant day.
The Celtic Cross is from York Minature Scene.
The books on the middle shelf and the gargoyle are Dolls House Emporium minatures.
The pumpkin with the face is from Doll's House Gallery in Chesterfield.
I'm not sure where the annomite came from (it is a real fossil, though) - it may have been a fossil shop in Chapel Town in Sheffield, or it may be from Cresswell Crags. I'm not sure. The crystals are from the Natural History Museum. I'll be getting some empty jars to put them in, so that the Druid/witch can have some tumble stones.

The harp is from Felcity Price Minatures.
The Green wire table and chairs are from Maplestreet.
The Spinning Wheel was from the York Racecourse Fair.

The stove is from Maple Street and so fair, is the most expensive piece in the whole tower. I bought it because of the knotwork on it and it is one of my favourite pieces so far.

The trunk was from the York Racecourse Fair and of course, is one of my favourites. (Though I would have prefered a pentacle or some Celtic knotwork as decoration). It's from the same person that made the crow/raven. It wasn't a bad price either, considering all the items that are inside it (though sadly, they are glued in place and can't be moved).
The green bottle and candles were from York Minature Scene.
The bookcase and books (which I painted black, because they were a bit too bright) were from Felicity Price Minatures.
The tumble stone on the middle shelf is an actual tumble stone (but they can be used to represent magical crystals) is I think from the Natural History Muesum. I have a number of these in my collection and I quite like finding another use for them.

Last but my no means least, is my wolf pack! I love animals, but I find that animals other than pets tend to be rare in dollshouse minatures, so you need to rely on other sources for them. These wolves come from Animal World (an American based website which sells animal figures of all kinds, including ones which you wouldn't expect) and The Early Learning Centre. If you're looking for animals, fantasy figures, dinosaurs, etc for your dollshouse, then I recommend looking at Safari Ltd, Papo and Schleich if you can't find them on dollshouse sites/shops. I don't like animals which look too realistic (have fur, etc)  because it reminds me too much of taxidermy (which I don't mind being used for education purposes) but I hate it when it's used as trophies, ornaments, etc. It's ghastly and I wouldn't like having things which were too realistic in my dollshouse because I don't want people to think I approve of it, which I do not. I don't even like plastic/resin deer heads, etc.
There are one or two things which I've not photographed. I have to keep somethings as a surprise, don't I?

In the meantime, happy crafting!
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Doll's House Emporium -
green tassled cushions x 1 *
Leaded Acetate ^
Fairytale ornaments *

Minature Scene York -
Candles *
Jars *

The Little Dollhouse Company -
Battery Lights
Black Lantern Ceiling Light  x 2 *
Globe Lamp x 1 (mock glowing crystal ball!) *
Hurricane Lamp x 1 *
Coach Lamp x 1 +
Aromatheropy Lamp x 1 (Flickers!) *

Rushall Dolls House
Tudor Rope Bed *
Log With Axe +

Minimum World
Drystone Wall kit (grey) +
Flagstones (grey) +

Minature Living
Cauldron Over Fire +
Spiders *
Owl +
Blackbrid +
Pond +

Model Tree Shop
Apple Trees +
Silver Birch Tree +
130mm Deciduous Tree +

Tumdee Dollshouse Miniatures
Apples *
Mushrooms *
Ladle *

Airy Fairy
Greenman pins *
Acorn pin *

And the witch herself....

Just Papo
Princess of Darkness

* = stuff to finish off the inside
^ = building material
+ Stuff needed for the garden
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Had an excellant day in York today as we went to a dollshouse shop based there, which I found on the internet. An excellant shop - I've seen a future project which I would like to do which involves a small cottage I've seen, but that's for another time, I think. Anyway, I've been able to get most of the things I need for the inside of the tower. I just need to get a bed I've seen and work on some wall hangings that I want to do.

So, what did we pick up?

A castle-style spiral stair case...(I won't be cutting a hole in the floor of the first floor, though, as I'm not very good at wood work but at least it will look like stairs go up there. Because of that, I may have to rearrange some of the furnature to make it all fit, but that doesn't bother me too much. I also picked up a new gargyole, a stool with a witch's cat, and some witchy things on it, a witch's hat, some more pumpkins, candles, a quil (would look great in a Harry Potter setting....) a stone Celtic cross, plus one or two other things. I did get some things from York Racecourse a few weeks back (seems an age, now) most of which is for the downstairs. 

The tower itself did sadly fall apart, so I'm going to have to rebuild it at some stage. It is difficult because room is an issue and this has seriously slowed down progress on the tower. However, as I've now got most of the things for it, once I'm able to work on it, it will be finished quite quickly. My major step now is getting things for the garden, as I want to construct a drystone wall around it, and put in some trees, a pond and a pumpkin patch. There are perhaps still one or two things that I need for the inside to finish it off (I want to get some more apples and some mushrooms/toadstools).

On the plus side, I have most of the animals I need for the garden (and the inside) of the tower - I sometimes think I've got too much for it but what doesn't fit can always go into another project, so nothing will actually go to waste. I'll take some pictures of what I have and post them when I get the chance. Happy crafting!
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A couple of weeks ago, I bought a dollshouse from Dolls House Emporium - the Magical Mystery Tower, which I've had my eye on for a few weeks. The house in question is a small tower consisting of two rooms, gothic windows and door and a garden.

Here it is, in its dry construction (without glue, just masking tape). When it arrived, it was much smaller than I expected and I'll have to be careful when choosing furnature for it that one piece doesn't dominate the house. I took it apart again and wallpapered it - I decided that it would be easier to do it this way because there's not much room to work in when it's constructed. The ceilings were painted white.

As you can see, I had some difficulty with the wall paper on the inside of the tower when I constructed it, because I found that the wallpaper made getting the first floor into the precut slots tricky. The hexagonal shape of the building doesn't help much, either! There are some gaps and I'm going to conceal those with wooden beams (it will also hide where damage has been caused to the wallpaper...) There is a slight tear in the wallpaper on the first floor and on the flooring paper, which I'm hoping I can hide by gluging some furnature into place. Inspite of the difficulties I've had, I think this is an ideal project for someone new to buliding dollshouses.




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